The primary active components in noni are iridoids.

The Iridoid Difference

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The primary bioactives in noni are iridoids. Iridoids have been scientifically proven to reduce harmful free radicals, help maintain healthy HDL cholesterol at already normal levels, increase energy, promote heart health, enhance the immune system, and protect cells.*

Iridoids are powerful phytochemicals produced by plants as a defense against other threats. While iridoids are found in a large percentage of plants, they are not common in fruits.

Iridoids at a Glance:

  • Are bioactive phytochemicals that are rarely found in fruits
  • Are different than flavonoids, which are found in all fruits
  • Have a wide range of bioactivities
  • Are very stable and are resistant to degradation during processing and storage, unlike many flavonoids
  • Are the major bioactives in Tahitian Noni® Bioactive Beverages